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The Micro Tire Tester finds penetrations in your tires caused by nail holes, cuts, improper liner splices, porosity and leaking repairs.

Omega Tire lifter

A line of fully automated inspection equipment with improved detection capabilities.

Micro FS

Built to find penetrations in fabric tires.


Micro's cousin, built to work on both steel and fabric tires with added detection capabilities for the Mexican, South and Central American and European markets.

TEI - Intro

icon_document.gifTei introduces new head design for improved detection capabilities
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About TEI

TEI President and Founder Arnold Weiss developed and patented ultrasonic tire testing technology which was later sold to the AMF Tire Equipment Division.


TEI invented and patented high voltage tire testing technology which has been widely used by the industry since the 1980s.


TEI continued to supply and service over 1,500 high voltage tire testing units to both independent and franchised retread shops around the world.


TEI continues to supply this time-tested technology worldwide as well as design new applications to meet the changing needs of the tire industry.

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