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Testing the Micro Tester 100k pdf

The Micro Tire Tester
Features Benefits

  • Liner penetration & nail hole detector
  • May be used while hanging on a monorail, standing on a floor or at a repair station
  • Comes with medium truck probe
  • Durable / low maintenance
  • Insert probe from either side of tire
  • Designed for use with existing equipment

  • Increase your customers' satisfaction
  • Affordable & efficient
  • Versatile & easy to use!
  • Lower adjustments & improve quality
  • Lower your costs with less Redo's
  • Quick Return on your investment
  • Works anywhere in your shop
    • initial inspection
    • after buff
    • before the chamber
    • final inspection

The Micro scanner is very lightweight (4.5 lbs) and can quickly and easily move in and out of a tire with one hand.

The Micro can detect nail hole penetrations and open splices that are not detectable to the eye.

A white or blue spark is visible when either the small chains or wire coils pass over an injury.

[nail hole penetration]
[A white or blue spark]
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