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Item Description
#10 Modified Paddle 3/4 size plastic paddle for MT Probe.
#10 Paddle Full size plastic paddle for MT Probe
#9 bracket Mounting foot for 4" resistor. Includes screw ...
#9 Half Paddle Half size paddle MT & WB Probe
#9 Modified Half Paddle Modified half size paddle for MT & WB Probe
.001 HV cap HV capacitor for NDT
1 Meg 1 Megohm high voltage resistor (includes mount...
10 ft. HV 10 ft. high voltage wire for output (includes ...
10.5 GS 10.5" Ground Strap
12VPS 12 volt DC power supply
13 SW Set of 4 13" sidewall wires for Light Truck Probe
150 ohm 150 ohm high voltage resistor (includes mounti...
16 SW Set of 2 16" sidewall wires for Combo
19 SW Comp Set of 4 complimentary 19" sidewall wires
2249-C-12 12" black coax cable
2249-E-48 4' black coax cable for Combo
2249-E-60 5' black coax cable for NDT (includes tie-wraps)
2249-E-84 7' black cable for INSP
230-215A 6' solenoid cable
26 in HV 26" high voltage wire for probes
26.5 SW Set of 4 26.5" Sidewall Wires for Wide Base Probe
27 GS Ground strap fo NDT 2000
29 GS 29" Ground Strap
3 ft. HV 3' HV wire for 20 Meg, plus stand-off
36 GS Ground strap for NDT 2000
39 GS 39" Ground Strap
5 K 5 kilohm high voltage resistor (includes mount...
5 ohm Resistor pair for nor/off/rev
50 K pot Speed control potentiometer
5150 Knob for speed control potentiometer
75 ohm 75 ohm high voltage resistor (Includes mountin...
8 ft. HV 8 ft. high voltage wire for output (includes s...
ABC-195MB02 Piggyback NC Contact for Load Relay
ABC-800E-2X01 NC 120 volt contact by Allen Bradley
ABC-800E-2X10 NO 120 volt contact by Allen Bradley
ABC-800E-A2L Base for Allen Bradley contacts
ABC-800EM-HM32 Three position selector by Allen Bradley
Bead rollers Set of nylon bead rollers for Branick spreader...
Bearing for probe Hawkinson parts GEN-99R10 bearing wheel ($8.51...
Bias coil Bias high voltage coil
Bottom Panel Plastic Panel for HV resistors
Cinch Cable 25 pin cable for computer box
Cinch Connector Connector for comp box
Circuit breaker 1 amp Breaker for 12 volt power supply, Hawkinson nu...
Circuit breaker 2 amp Breaker for 50KVPS, Hawkinson number 9080GCB20
Cylinder Springs Extension spring for Branick cylinder
Comp board Computer board for NDT. No returns without aut...
Disconnect ABB-OSJ30B2A1-180 Fused disconnect for cabinet...
Disconnect handle ABB-OHY65J5 Door handle for disconnect
Disconnect shaft ABB-OXP5X265 Shaft for door disconnect
DL1CE012 12 volt lamp for Test Over and Flaw
DL1CE130 130 volt lamp for Steel and Fabric
End Band Connecting band for HV resistor. Includes moun...
Finger screw 10-32 finger screw for probes, includes Keps nut
Foot pedal spring Hawkinson part number 55-0002
Foot switch Foot switch for Micro Tire Tester
For/off/rev main Direction control for main console
Fuse 15 amp GSF-AJT15 or equivalent for interlock
Hand switch Hand switch for Micro Tire Tester
HV-INSP 10 feet long high voltage wire.
HV Relay High voltage relay
HV wire (bulk) HV wire for HV cabinet, sold by the foot
IC chip Various IC chips for NDT board
Jones Plug 8 pin cable for computer box
Key Chains Key chains for probes (34 per set)
KUHP 12 volt relay for motor control and high volta...
Large carbon ball 1.25" carbon ball
Link pivot Hawkinson part 03-0036
Load relay Motor reversing relay (includes piggyback NC c...
Master Spring Connecting spring for master square
Master Square 5" plastic square for attachment of probes. In...
MCB 2000 Motor Control Board with "Smart Speed"
Mod MCB Modified motor control board, mounting plate, ...
Nipple BNC nipple for NDT computer box
Nor/off/rev remote Direction control for remote box. Do not use i...
Piggyback NC Normally closed contact for Load Relay
Reed switch Magnetic reed switch for Mini
Reset relay Allen Bradley 700-MB400 or equivalent
Rog Box Rogowski transformer box
Single slot bar Part of MT probe
Small carbon ball .875" carbon ball
Spacers-carbon ball Plastic spacer for carbon ball
Spread rollers Set of nylon spread rollers for Branick spread...
TEIMCB 39K Motor control board for IIB. Includes 12 volt ...
TEIMCB 51K Motor control board for NDT II
TEIMCB 68K Motor control board for INSP
Test Gauge Decal for high voltage calibration
Top Panel Plastic for HV resistors
Valve spool Hawkinson part 54237-56 replacement for lift a...
ZB2BA2 Black button activator for Manual switch
ZB2BA3 Green push button for Start
ZB2BD2 Two position selector
ZB2BE101 NO contact for NDT
ZB2BE1016 Low current NO contact for NDT
ZB2BE102 NC contact for NDT
ZB2BE1026 Low current NC contact for NDT
ZB2BJ3 3 position activator
ZB2BT4 Red push-pull mushroom head
ZB2BV0131 Green PTT lens for Test Over light
ZB2BV014 Red lens for Steel light
ZB2BV015 Yellow lens for Fabric light
ZB2BV0151 Yellow PTT lens for Flaw light
ZB2BV051 Amber lens for Flaw Lamp
ZB2BV6120V 120 volt bulb socket and bulb
ZB2BW060 Socket for 12 volt lamp (does not include bul...
ZB2BZ009 Mounting base for electrical contacts
ZB2BZ101 Base and N.O. contact
ZB2BZ1016 Base and N.C. low current contact
ZB2BZ102 Base and N.C. contact
ZB2BZ1026 Base and N.C. low current contact
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